Sugar- Free Choco­late Rasp­berry Pro­tein Bites

These ir­re­sistible pro­tein cookie balls are made with the nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers xyl­i­tol and ery­thri­tol in place of sugar

Better Nutrition - - CONTENT - /// RECIPE BY GLAUCIA JONES

These de­light­ful bites are made with a blend of xyl­i­tol and ery­thri­tol.

Sugar- Free Choco­late Rasp­berry Pro­tein Bites

Makes 25 Bites

Low in sugar, high in pro­tein, these tasty bites cre­ated by Glaucia Jones ( bake­sug­ar­free. com) are sweet­ened with dates and a blend of xyl­i­tol and ery­thri­tol.

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup raw cashews

1 serv­ings vanilla pro­tein pow­der

2 Tbs. Xlear Lite and Sweet

8 dates, pit­ted

1/3 cup unsweet­ened co­coa pow­der

1/4 tsp. salt

1 ripe ba­nana

1/2 cup freeze- dried rasp­ber­ries

1. Line a cookie sheet with parch­ment pa­per. Place the oats, cashews, pro­tein pow­der, Light& Sweet, dates, co­coa pow­der, and salt in a food pro­ces­sor and blend un­til ev­ery­thing is a smooth, floury con­sis­tency.

2. Add ba­nana and blend un­til a thick, slightly sticky dough forms. Roll out 25 balls and place on parch­ment pa­per.

3. Pulse freeze- dried rasp­ber­ries in a food pro­ces­sor. Roll each ball in rasp­berry pow­der and re­turn to cookie sheet.

4. Store in fridge in a sealed con­tainer for up to a week.

Per serv­ing ( 1 bite): 80 cal; 3g pro; 2.5g fat; 0g sat fat; 30mg sod; 13g carbs; 2g fiber; 6g sug­ars

Did You Know? Xyl­i­tol and ery­thri­tol are pre­bi­otics that help grow a healthy gut mi­cro­biome.

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