Bet­ter Nu­tri­tion in the 1980s, Part 2

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Bran muffins. Bran ce­real. Wheat germ. Whole grains, and high- fiber di­ets. Re­mem­ber Melba Toast, Grape Nuts, and All- Bran? In the ’ 80s, es­pe­cially in Bet­ter Nu­tri­tion, whole grains reigned supreme. If you were into health food, you were into bran. Ar­ti­cles in the mag­a­zine through­out the decade ex­tolled the health virtues of eat­ing more whole grains.

In the later part of the ’ 80s and into the early ’ 90s, the fat- free craze owned the diet and weight- loss mar­ket. Whole grains fit the bill per­fectly, as most have lit­tle to no fat. Check back next month as we go deeper into the mis­guided and of­ten wacky no- fat diet.

As an in­ter­est­ing side note, 1980s is­sues of Bet­ter Nu­tri­tion cov­ered a mix of diet philoso­phies. While whole grains were the prin­ci­pal fo­cus, we found ar­ti­cles that were ahead of their time, in­clud­ing pieces on a “hunter- gath­erer” diet ( i. e., the Pa­leo diet) and celiac dis­ease ( al­most un­heard of back then).

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