Why is the Spar­tan Diet pri­mar­ily plant- based?

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The prin­ci­ples we base ev­ery­thing on ( come) from the book The China Study, writ­ten by Dr. Colin Camp­bell from Cor­nell Univer­sity. He did a 30- year study with China, Ox­ford Univer­sity, and Cor­nell. They found that an­i­mal- based protein causes lots of dis­eases, and that we’re bet­ter off eat­ing a plant- based diet, which, in many cases, can ac­tu­ally re­verse can­cer and many of th­ese mod­ern- day dis­eases.

The re­al­ity is we ac­tu­ally need a lot less protein than we think. You can get a lot of protein from plants. You’re not nec­es­sar­ily go­ing to be­come a body­builder, but you also don’t want to be the big­gest, most mus­cu­lar per­son in the ceme­tery. So if the goal is to live a long time, not put a bunch of pres­sure on your body, be re­ally fast, have tons of en­durance, feel full of en­ergy, and sleep well, that’s your diet. I’ve tested it my­self. I’ve raced thou­sands and thou­sands of miles. I’ve gone through 30- be­low tem­per­a­tures as well as 135- de­gree tem­per­a­tures on all dif­fer­ent kinds of di­ets. And I will tell you there is noth­ing like a plant­based diet for the re­sults I just de­scribed.

How does chang­ing from a calo­rie- dense to nu­tri­ent- dense diet help de­velop our “de­layed grat­i­fi­ca­tion mus­cles”?

Some­body said to me the other day, “Most peo­ple eat cake for break­fast, cake for lunch, and cake for din­ner.” Pan­cakes for break­fast is ba­si­cally cake. Some re­ally un­healthy sandwich at lunch is ba­si­cally cake. And then peo­ple have cake af­ter or at din­ner. It’s just one big cake. If you go to a nu­tri­ent- dense diet— if you eat a gi­ant car­rot ver­sus a cake or a sug­ary ce­real— your body is more likely to feel sa­ti­ated.

And your body is seek­ing nu­tri­tion. It’s not seek­ing junk food on its most ba­sic level. But we’ve be­come ad­dicted to that junk food. So if you can eat some raw fruit or veg­eta­bles maybe 10 min­utes be­fore a meal and get your body the nu­tri­ents it needs, you’re less likely to chase the nu­tri­ents through foods that don’t have nu­tri­ents. That helps you de­lay grat­i­fi­ca­tion.

What other key nu­tri­tion habits sup­port the Spar­tan life­style?

First thing in the morn­ing— be­fore I brush my teeth— I try to drink 10– 12 ounces of warm wa­ter as fast as I can. I want to flush out my fil­ter­ing sys­tem. All night long you’ve been sleep­ing and your body’s been fil­ter­ing. Then ask your­self, can you not eat past 6 p. m. and be­fore 10 a. m.? Can you fast one or two days a month? Can you eat your heav­ier meals in the morn­ing and your lighter meals at night? Can you re­strict the cof­fee and dessert and ( other) low- nu­tri­ent foods? Can you stay away from the al­co­hol? A lit­tle black cof­fee is prob­a­bly okay, but when I’m go­ing past a Star­bucks at the air­port, peo­ple aren’t get­ting black cof­fee. They’re or­der­ing gi­ant, 16- oz. whipped- cream- laden drinks. It’s like an­other cake.

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