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Light ther­apy works by sim­u­lat­ing nat­u­ral sun­light with full- spec­trum light dur­ing the darker win­ter months. Light boxes en­cour­age the brain to re­duce the pro­duc­tion of mela­tonin ( the hor­mone that makes you sleepy) and in­crease the pro­duc­tion of serotonin ( the hor­mone re­lated to mood). A meta- anal­y­sis pub­lished in The Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Psy­chi­a­try found that light ther­apy demon­strated a sig­nifi cant eff ect on sea­sonal aff ec­tive dis­or­der. Benefi ts in­cluded in­creased en­ergy, im­proved mood, de­creased de­pres­sion, and bet­ter sleep. Try us­ing a light box ev­ery day for 30 min­utes, ideally in the morn­ing, to see the re­sults for your­self.

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