Spic y Or­ange Beef & Broc­coli w ith Brown Rice

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Serves 4 You can eas­ily sub out brown rice with an­other grain. Try farro, bar­ley, kaniwa, or quinoa— the most “rice- like” grains.

2 oranges 1 Tbs. soy sauce or co­conut aminos 1 Tbs. or­ganic ap­ple juice 1 tsp. honey 1 Tbs. corn­starch 3 tsp. sun­flower oil ½ lb. grass- fed beef sir­loin, trimmed of all vis­i­ble fat and sliced into 1- inch long, thin slices 4 cloves gar­lic, minced 1- inch fresh ginger, minced ( about 1 Tbs.) 1 Tbs. dried red pep­per flakes ( 1 tsp. for

mild spice) 2 heads broc­coli, chopped ( about 6 cups) 1 red bell pep­per, sliced 1 bunch chopped scallions with greens

( about ½ cup) 2 cups brown rice, cooked

1. Cut ⅛ - inch- wide strips of rind from one or­ange, set aside. Squeeze juice from both oranges into small mix­ing bowl ( about ½ cup of juice). Whisk soy sauce, 1 Tbs. wa­ter, ap­ple juice, honey, and corn­starch into juice. Set sauce aside.

2. Heat large skil­let over medium- high heat with 1 tsp. of oil. Add beef, and

sautŽ 1 minute. Set beef aside on pa­per­towel- lined plate to drain ex­cess oil.

3. Add re­main­ing oil to the skil­let. Add gar­lic, ginger, pep­per flakes, and strips of or­ange rind, and sautŽ un­til fra­grant, about 30 sec­onds. Add broc­coli and ⅓ cup wa­ter. Cover and steam, about 2 min­utes. Add red pep­per, and sautŽ 1 minute more. Grad­u­ally whisk in or­ange sauce. Bring to a boil, stir­ring con­stantly, un­til sauce has thick­ened, about 2 min­utes. Add scallions and beef, and stir to com­bine. Serve over brown rice.

Per Serv­ing: 320 cal; 20g prot; 8g to­tal fat ( 1.5g sat fat); 46g carb; 30mg chol; 320mg sod; 7g fiber; 11g sugar

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