Heal­ing min­eral baths salts and scrubs can do won­ders for your body and mind


7 Rea­sons to Use Salt Soaks & Scrubs Re­lax, re­new, and re­fresh with heal­ing min­eral bath prod­ucts.

Get a Healthy Dose of Min­er­als

Bath salts are packed with key min­er­als for in­side- out health: * Mag­ne­sium helps the ner­vous sys­tem, eases stress, and can re­lieve wa­ter re­ten­tion. * Cal­cium strength­ens bones and nails. * Potas­sium plays a role in nerve func­tion, mus­cle con­trol, and blood pres­sure. * Bro­mides in the salts heal and re­lax your mus­cles. * Sodium pro­motes a healthy im­mune sys­tem and proper fluid bal­ance.

Soothe Aches & Calm Your Mind

If you lead an ac­tive life­style, and par­tic­u­larly if you work out, a long soak in a tub with min­eral- rich bath salts can re­duce mus­cle sore­ness and joint pain, help you un­wind, and even lower blood pres­sure.

Get Ready for Sleep

If you suf­fer from in­som­nia, or have a dif­fi­cult time get­ting to sleep, a warm min­eral bath be­fore bed­time can im­prove your sleep.

Pu­rify Your Body

A soak with min­eral salts cleanses, hy­drates, and detox­i­fies your skin. It also stim­u­lates cir­cu­la­tion and cel­lu­lar re­gen­er­a­tion, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Brighten & Soften Your Skin

For even softer and smoother skin, ex­fo­li­ate with a scrub once or twice a week. As skin ma­tures, its nat­u­ral abil­ity to shed old sur­face cells and re­new it­self slows down. This causes a buildup of dry, dull flakes that give skin a rough, un­even tex­ture and aged ap­pear­ance. Rid­ding the dead top layer al­lows skin to breathe, and it can ab­sorb nour­ish­ing and mois­tur­iz­ing prod­ucts much more ef­fec­tively.

Re­tain Skin’s Mois­ture

Most scrubs ob­tain their ex­fo­li­at­ing ac­tion from sea salt, raw su­gar, or finely ground plant seeds. They are blended with jo­joba, co­conut, macadamia, av­o­cado, sun­flower, and sweet al­mond oils to mois­tur­ize and pre­vent wa­ter loss.

El­e­vate Your Mood

Boost your clean by choosing scents to match your mood, such as sooth­ing and re­lax­ing laven­der, gera­nium, or sweet or­ange es­sen­tial oil; or en­er­giz­ing and in­vig­o­rat­ing mint, ginger, or grape­fruit es­sen­tial oils.

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