Avoid get­ting sick by fol­low­ing a few “pre­travel” steps and us­ing herbal ton­ics cus­tom­ized to your blood type

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5 Stay- Well Travel Tips Hol­i­day travel can wreak havoc on your health, but th­ese sup­ple­ments and herbs can help.

a:It’s no fun get­ting sick when you’re on va­ca­tion, or even when you’re away on busi­ness. But it hap­pens a lot, sim­ply be­cause you’re ex­posed to far more germs than nor­mal when you travel— es­pe­cially if you fl y. Luck­ily, there are fi ve sim­ple steps you can take to bol­ster your im­mune sys­tem.

STEP 1: Do Th­ese 2 Things Be­fore You Leave

First, do your best to get enough ( even ex­tra) sleep in the week to 10 days be­fore trav­el­ing. And take as much vi­ta­min C as pos­si­ble with­out get­ting loose stools. Start with 500 mg at bed- time and add a lit­tle more each evening to max ca­pac­ity. I pre­fer a buff ered pow­dered form mixed in wa­ter, which is gen­tler on the stom­ach.

STEP 2: Take Herbs for Your Blood Type

* Type A: Good old echi­nacea and gold­enseal work great for type A blood. * Type B: If this is your type, you will be greatly helped by elder­berry ex­tract ( 1 tsp. 3– 4 times daily dur­ing fl u sea­son), as well as by chamomile tea ( stress- re­liev­ing) and fer­mented foods. * Type AB: Ac­cord­ing to Peter D’Adamo, ND, au­thor of the ground­break­ing book Eat Right 4 Your Type, peo­ple with type AB blood are the most vul­ner­a­ble to degra­da­tion of NK ( nat­u­ral killer) cells, key com­po­nents of im­mu­nity. Ir­reg­u­lar eat­ing habits, low vegetable in­take, in­ad­e­quate pro­tein in­take, ex­ces­sive wheat in­take, and high- fat di­ets can all con­trib­ute to NK cell degra­da­tion. If you have type AB blood, take care to avoid toxic chem­i­cals and “green” up your per­sonal care and home clean­ing prod­ucts. * Type O: Your best im­mune ton­ics in­clude larch pow­der, as­tra­galus, and eleuthero ( Siberian gin­seng).

STEP 3: Pro­tect Against Germs with Es­sen­tial Oils

Wash your hands fre­quently while trav­el­ing, and try not to rub any part of your face. Avoid hand san­i­tiz­ers that con­tain al­co­hol ( very dry­ing to the skin) or Tri­closan. In­stead, choose san­i­tiz­ers made with

I of­ten seem to get sick dur­ing travel. Bad tim­ing! What can I do? — Lorenzo J., San An­to­nio

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