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Sound the air horn! HBO picked up Brown Girls, a web se­ries about a writer and a mu­si­cian who are best friends and their messy lives. Leila (Na­bila Hos­sain) is loosely based on creator and writer Fa­timah Ash­gar’s life as she comes to terms with coming out to her fam­ily, while her best friend Pa­tri­cia (So­nia De­nis) de­cides to pur­sue her dreams of mu­sic. Brown Girls feels so beau­ti­fully fa­mil­iar, with a cast full of hi­lar­i­ous and warm womenof-color char­ac­ters. The se­ries doesn’t shy away from real-life gross-out hu­mor or quiet, touch­ing mo­ments be­tween fam­ily and friends, giv­ing us con­ver­sa­tions about co­pi­ous body flu­ids in one scene and ten­der­ness be­tween Leila and her sis­ter as Leila comes out to her in an­other. We haven’t seen our­selves so gor­geously re­flected back at us, and I’m so grate­ful that this is the show to do it. Fi­nally, a show about girls on HBO that I’ll ac­tu­ally watch.

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