Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture - - DISPATCH FROM JAPAN - —EVETTE DIONNE, SE­NIOR ED­I­TOR

The res­tau­rant in­dus­try has been ac­cru­ing bad head­lines for a while now, whether it’s the wages that keep work­ers poor or white Amer­i­can girls trav­el­ing to for­eign coun­tries and steal­ing recipes. How­ever, it’s rare to hear about the in­dus­try from those within. That’s where In the Ser­vice comes in: Co­hosts Kath and Jan have 20 years of New York City res­tau­rant ex­pe­ri­ence be­tween them, and their witty, some­times laugh-out-loud funny pod­cast ex­plores what it’s re­ally like to work in the in­dus­try, dis­cussing ev­ery­thing from get­ting tips, en­coun­ter­ing sex­ism, and nav­i­gat­ing those Yelp re­views we all love to write when the ser­vice isn’t up to par. Kath and Jan also in­ter­view other in­dus­try pro­fes­sion­als, in­clud­ing chefs, res­tau­rant own­ers, and those who keep the res­tau­rant in­dus­try alive. If you want to know how restau­rants sur­vive and thrive, this is def­i­nitely the pod­cast for you.

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