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Self-love is dif­fi­cult but ful­fill­ing and beau­ti­ful work. Rap­per ex­traor­di­naire Miss Eaves un­der­stands that del­i­cate dance all too well. Through her mu­sic, she preaches the im­por­tance of con­fi­dence and the re­jec­tion of weight stigma, and she’s bring­ing that mes­sage to this “De­vo­tion” playlist. Her playlist is full of songs about em­brac­ing your body as it is—haters be damned. PLAY AT BIT.LY/ DEVOTIONTO-SELFLOVE 1. The Cardi­gans, “Love­fool”

I’m a ro­man­tic, and I’m al­ways end­lessly fall­ing into these un­re­quited-love sit­u­a­tions. “So I cry and beg for you to love me” speaks so hon­estly to my feel­ings when I want some­one who does not want me back.

2. Sia, “Pic­tures”

This song so per­fectly sums up the sen­ti­ment of a per­son who makes shrines to their ex in their mind while their new part­ner begs them to move on. I am usu­ally the one beg­ging my part­ner to take the pic­tures off their wall, so I have found a lot of so­lace in this song.

3. Lizzo, “En Love”

I love this song so much be­cause it is all about be­ing to­tally in love with and de­voted to your­self. Re­cently I have taken a step back from look­ing for ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ships for a while and have turned all of my love in­ward. “En Love” is the sound­track for this part of my life.

4. Ae­sop Rock, “No Re­grets”

Some­times your role in the fam­ily is to leave and re­turn, leave and re­turn again (at least that’s the story I hear in this cap­ti­vat­ing, word­less song).

5. Bikini Kill, “Rebel Girl”

This is how I feel any­time I meet an­other woman who is to­tally killing it and I just want to sit in her pres­ence and ab­sorb her en­ergy: “That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neigh­bor­hood/ I got news for you, she is!/ They say she’s a dyke but I know/ She is my best friend, yeah.” YAAS!

6. Ducky, “Work”

All I do is work—not in a dull way. When I’m work­ing on projects I’m pas­sion­ate about, it is easy for them to con­sume me. This track is a to­tal banger and also speaks to my worka­holic na­ture.

7. Jun­gle­pussy, “Bling Bling”

This is an­other self-love track about be­ing ded­i­cated to do­ing your own thing. “It’s a full-time job fuckin’ lov­ing your­self/ Nig­gas try to rob a bitch for her self-worth and her men­tal health,” Jun­gle­pussy raps. I love that it bucks the idea that women need to have a hus­band (or a man at all) to achieve ful­fill­ment in life. Do your own thing.

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