You Have the Right To Re­main Fat

by Vir­gie To­var

Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture - - TRACK CHANGES -

Re­lease Date: Au­gust 14

Vir­gie To­var is a crit­i­cal voice in the fat ac­cep­tance move­ment, con­fronting the fat­pho­bia that tells plus-size peo­ple their bod­ies must be al­tered un­til they’re per­ceived as ac­cept­able. From child­hood, To­var be­lieved that her fat body needed to change, so she spent the next 20 years di­et­ing. Now she fo­cuses on dis­man­tling fat­pho­bic sys­tems that keep fat peo­ple in this per­pet­ual state of not quite liv­ing their fullest lives. Fat com­bines can­did es­says with cul­tural crit­i­cism that will em­bolden fat peo­ple to sim­ply live.

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