Tree of Shaolin Kung Fu

With Fight­ing Monk Wang Bo

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Delve into tra­di­tional Shaolin kung fu with Bud­dhist monk Wang Bo, who be­gan training at the famed monastery when he was 8. In this course, he teaches the philoso­phies of the mar­tial art and the fight­ing meth­ods Shaolin monks have used for the past 1,500 years. The foun­da­tion of the course is the tree of Shaolin.

Roots — Just like a tree needs roots to con­nect with the earth, a mar­tial artist needs sta­ble stances and pow­er­ful legs. Wang Bo cov­ers the horse stance, cat stance, bow stance and fight­ing stance, as well as the an­kle cut, back sweep, cut­ting knee kick, low front kick, round­house kick and side kick. Ex­tra: Wang Bo teaches the Shaolin tui fa form to de­velop your roots!

Trunk — Just like a tree needs a sturdy trunk to with­stand at­tacks, a mar­tial artist needs a torso that can ab­sorb strikes, fa­cil­i­tate coun­ters and move quickly when eva­sion is re­quired. Wang Bo draws on the move­ments of the mon­key and the snake. Ex­tra: He teaches es­sen­tial Shaolin ex­er­cises for for­ti­fy­ing your trunk, in­clud­ing the tra­di­tional shen fa form!

Branches — Just like a tree needs branches to thrive, a mar­tial artist needs ef­fec­tive hand skills. In Shaolin kung fu, they in­clude the tiger claw, snake hand, ea­gle claw, leop­ard claw, man­tis hand and mon­key hand, as well as punches and palm strikes. Ex­tra: Wang Bo teaches all these moves, along with the Shaolin shou fa form.

Self-De­fense Com­bi­na­tions — Just like a tree needs roots, a trunk and branches to grow, a mar­tial artist needs all three com­po­nents to cre­ate a body that’s healthy and ca­pa­ble of fend­ing off threats. Wang Bo demon­strates 10 self-de­fense op­tions for deal­ing with com­mon at­tacks. BONUS!

You get in­stant ac­cess to a story ti­tled “The Shaolin Whole-Body Work­out.” You also get “A Con­cise Guide to the Tree of Shaolin,” along with the orig­i­nal ar­ti­cle that ac­com­pa­nied Wang Bo’s in­duc­tion into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

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