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Steve “Nasty” An­der­son Re­mem­bers the Decade He Spent on Top of Sport Karate It·s time to get nast\ Zith 6teve $ndeU­son an oXt­spo­ken leg­end in the maU­tial aUts and a pi­o­neeU of spoUt kaUate <oX·ll love this look back at com­pe­ti­tion in the good old da\s

Split Sec­ond Sur­vival, Part 1: Re­al­ity-Based Knife De­fense as Taught by Larry Wick This mar­tial artist tested the ef­fec­tive­ness of gun and knife de­fense, and what he’s learned will make you more pro­fi­cient at stop­ping armed at­tacks.

Who Is the Best Karate Prac­ti­tioner in the World? The search for an an­swer to this seem­ingly in­no­cent ques­tion can lead you to a deeper un­der­stand­ing of your place in the mar­tial arts.

7KLQJV <RX 3UREDEO\ 'LGQ·W .QRZ $ERXW WKH )LOLSLQR 0DUWLDO $UWV Grow your knowl­edge of FMA and be­come a more well-rounded mar­tial artist. (And who knows? vou might end up a stu­dent of kali, arnis or es­crima!) Black Belt eall of came mem­ber -ulius Melegrito is your guide.

&\QWKLD 5RWKURFN %HVW $GYLFH IRU %HJLQQHUV LQ WKH 0DUWLDO $UWV The Black Belt Hall of Famer tour­na­ment champ who be­came an in­ter­na­tional film star talks about choos­ing a school, com­pet­ing in tour­na­ments, find­ing a role model and never giv­ing up.

:KDW 0DNHV D *RRG 0DUWLDO $UWV 7HDFKHU DQG :K\ <RX 1HHG WR )LQG 2QH mrospec­tive mar­tial arts stu­dents of­ten askI “thich art would be best for me?” mer­haps a bet­ter ques­tion isI “thich in­struc­tor would be best for me?”

6HOI 'HIHQVH 6WUDWHJLHV (YHU\ :RPDQ 1HHGV WR .QRZ WR 6XUYLYH seteran self-de­fense in­struc­tor and Black Belt eall of came in­ductee Mered­ith dold doles out es­sen­tial ad­vice for all who want to stay safe in public.

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