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En­ter the Mind of Mas­ter Ken, the Mar­tial Artist Be­hind En­ter the Dojo The comedic ge­nius — and real-life mar­tial artist — who lurks un­der the skin of Mas­ter Ken is Matt Page. This schiz­o­phrenic in­ter­view will in­tro­duce you to both of them.

Aikido Mas­ter Koichi To­hei Ex­plains the Con­cept of Ki (In­ter­nal En­ergy) Jour­ney back in time to 1962 and let Koichi To­hei, a stu­dent of Mori­hei Ueshiba DQG WKH PDQ ZKR ZRXOG EHFRPH 6WHYHQ 6HDJDO·V aikido in­struc­tor, explain ki en­ergy in terms any­one can un­der­stand.

FMA 101: A Prac­ti­cal Primer on the Filipino Mar­tial Arts Black Belt +DOO RI )DPHU -XOLXV 0HOHJULWR FDQ·W WHDFK \RX HYHU\WKLQJ \RX QHHG to know about FMA in one post, but he can give you a con­cep­tual frame­work on which to build your skills.

Don­nie Yen: The Mar­tial Artist Who Brought a Wing Chun Leg­end to Life in 3 Ip Man Movies The son of Black Belt Hall of Famer Bow Sim Mark, Don­nie Yen has en­ter­tained PLOOLRQV ZLWK KLV PDUWLDO DUWV :H JR RQH RQ RQH ZLWK WKH ÀOP LFRQ

Best of the Best: Bill Wal­lace Picks the Top 10 Karate Fight­ers of the 20th Cen­tury <RX SUREDEO\ FDQ JXHVV VRPH RI WKH QDPHV RQ 6XSHUIRRW·V OLVW ³ -RH /HZLV &KXFN 1RUULV 0LNH 6WRQH ³ EXW ZH GRXEW \RX FDQ JXHVV WKHP DOO Jour­ney back in time to the era of karate tough!

Why Some Ju­jitsu Con­trol Tech­niques Do Not Al­ways Work — and How to Fix Them! Let Black Belt Hall of Famer/ bu­doshin ju­jitsu mas­ter Ge­orge Kirby show you three ways to use en­hanced pain to make your con­trol tech­niques more ef­fec­tive for self-de­fense.

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