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BLACK BELT: Ever think how lucky we are to have mar­tial arts movies? No mat­ter how many stinkers there may be, it’s bet­ter than hav­ing noth­ing. What if you were into, say, rollerblad­ing? How many cin­e­matic treats do you think you’d get per year?

Jay Jag­ger: I think Ja­panese cin­ema has pro­duced some out­stand­ing movies with mar­tial arts, es­pe­cially swords­man­ship, as a pri­mary com­bat ve­hi­cle — even [Akira] Kuro­sawa’s early San­shiro Su­gata wraps a story around mar­tial Ǥ ǡ ϐ Ǥ ϐ ϐ Ǥ - tial arts as pri­mary or sec­ondary fo­cus which are very good out­side of the grade-Z/straight-to-video stuff we see now.

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