Renowned for its ef­fec­tive­ness in In­done­sia, the land of its birth. Proven through­out South­east Asia in thou­sands of fights. For the most part, un­avail­able in the West … un­til now!


In­tro­duc­ing Bur­ton Richard­son’s Silat for the Street on­line course from

Black Belt. Richard­son has an im­pres­sive mar­tial arts pedi­gree. In ad­di­tion to be­ing a mem­ber of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and a dis­ci­ple of Dan Inosanto, he’s trained in jeet kune do, as well as Brazil­ian jiu-jitsu,

kali, muay Thai and MMA — along with silat. That gives him a more re­al­is­tic un­der­stand­ing of the types of at­tacks used on the street, as well as the best so­lu­tions. In this course, which streams videos to your cell­phone, tablet or com­puter when­ever and wher­ever you want, Richard­son presents the most rel­e­vant tac­tics and tech­niques of silat. He se­lected them so 21st-cen­tury stu­dents of self-de­fense can add them to their ar­se­nal at will. Among the top­ics he cov­ers are: • The dif­fer­ences be­tween pen­cak and silat

• The roles of levers and tri­an­gles in self-de­fense

• The es­sen­tial self-de­fense prin­ci­ples of silat

• How to catch kicks in com­bat

• Silat’s many forms of fight­ing foot­work

• Take­downs, the bread and but­ter of the art

• Silat’s 10 most use­ful en­tries

• Bru­tal fight­ing tech­niques for use in the clinch

• No-holds-barred com­bat on the ground

• Silat tech­niques that use the karam­bit knife and sarong

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