On Knives for Self-De­fense

BLACK BELT: What’s your best ad­vice for mar­tial artists who are in­ter­ested in car­ry­ing a pock­etknife for self-de­fense?

Black Belt - - COMMUNITY -

Paul Hunter: Make sure you find an in­struc­tor who un­der­stands the le­gal im­pli­ca­tions of us­ing a knife to de­fend your­self, as well as the prac­ti­cal skills. Then carry a knife that is le­gal in your area and one which you can get a train­ing ver­sion of so that if, God for­bid, you should ever need it, you are at least com­fort­able and skilled in the open­ing and us­age of it. Chuck Pyka: I have car­ried a pock­etknife nearly my en­tire life and been in­volved in mar­tial arts for the same time. Never con­sid­ered my pock­etknife a weapon, only a tool. Your great­est weapon should be your brain.

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