Pradal Serey

Black Belt - - SCREEN SHOTS -

The Fore­run­ner of Muay Thai and Muay Bo­ran Beat Ex­tinc­tion in Cam­bo­dia, and Now It’s Fight­ing to Make a Come­back in Cal­i­for­nia!

ost mod­ern mar­tial artists know about muay Thai, the com­bat sport of Thai­land. Most also know about muay bo­ran, its no-non­sense par­ent art. Few, how­ever, know about pradal serey. This �ight­ing sys­tem hails from the same part of the world — namely, South­east Asia — but its prac­tice isn’t nearly as wide­spread as muay Thai’s and its role in his­tory isn’t nearly as cel­e­brated as muay bo­ran’s. Here is the story of this unsung style.

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