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• An­nounc­ing the 1978 Black Belt Hall of Fame in­ductees (re­mem­ber that this Jan­uary 1979 is­sue was pro­duced to­ward the end of 1978): Bill Wal­lace — Man of the Year, Ken­neth Fu­nakoshi — In­struc­tor of the Year, Benny Urquidez — Com­peti­tor of the Year, Alan Lee — Kung Fu Artist of the Year, Ir­win Co­hen — Judo Com­peti­tor of the Year, Jimmy Pe­dro (James Pe­dro Sr., that is) — Judo In­struc­tor of the Year and Bong Soo Han — Spe­cial Recog­ni­tion Award. • An ad from Mar­tial Arts Sup­plies Com­pany in­cludes a phone num­ber for cus­tomers east of the Mis­sis­sippi and a dif­fer­ent num­ber for those west of the Mis­sis­sippi. Life got eas­ier and cheaper when we dis­cov­ered toll-free num­bers and, later, cre­ated the Internet. • %LJ DW WKH ER[ RIÀFH &KXFN 1RUULV LQ Good Guys Wear Black and Ed Parker in Re­venge of the Pink Pan­ther. Trivia note: The MPAA wanted to give Good Guys DQ 5 UDWLQJ EXW 1RUULV con­vinced them to change their minds. • Black Belt ini­ti­ates a search for the youngest male and fe­male black belts in Amer­ica. • -DSDQ·V )XML 7HOHYLVLRQ JRHV WR %LQJKDPWRQ 1HZ <RUN WR ÀOP D doc­u­men­tary on lo­cal karate master Hidy Ochiai. • 7RNH\ +LOO SODFHV ÀUVW LQ PHQ·V EODFN EHOW kata and sec­ond in PHQ·V KHDY\ZHLJKW ku­mite at an in­ter­na­tional tour­na­ment hosted by the United States Karate As­so­ci­a­tion. • The mag­a­zine in­tro­duces the mar­tial arts com­mu­nity to Mike Day­ton, 1976 Mr. Amer­ica body­builder, pow­er­lifter and kung fu ex­pert. Day­ton would go on to mar­ket his “chi mind con­trol” pro­gram in a se­ries of ad­ver­tise­ments in Black Belt. • ´%UXFH /HH·V ÀOPV ZHUH IRUELGGHQ LQ P\ FRXQWU\ EHFDXVH WKH\ were too vi­o­lent for the Swedish peo­ple,” says ex­pat shotokan in­struc­tor Shingo Ohgami. “All vi­o­lence is strictly con­trolled by WKH JRYHUQPHQW :H KDG RQH %UXFH /HH ÀOP Fists of Fury, but all WKH ÀJKW VFHQHV ZHUH FXW RXW DQG WKHUH ZDV QRWKLQJ OHIW μ %RR • In need of a Bruce Lee poster? Asian World of Mar­tial Arts has no less than 24 of them. They sell for $1.50 apiece. • “Most peo­ple are ca­pa­ble of out­stand­ing demon­stra­tions of ki dur­ing ex­treme sit­u­a­tions,” Joo Bang Lee says in the cover story. “The power comes from breath­ing in and out from the stom­ach, not the lungs.” • Big news in the dojo biz: The AAU Karate Com­mit­tee starts of­fer­ing in­di­vid­u­als in­sur­ance cov­er­age for train­ing and tour­na­ments. • Sis­ter pub­li­ca­tion Karate Il­lus­trated names the top karateka in Amer­ica: Dan An­der­son, John Carini, Larry Kelly, Ed­die 1HZPDQ -RKQ /RQJVWUHHW 6DP 6KRFNOH\ DQG -RQDWKDQ 9DQFH • The re­sults of %ODFN %HOW·V ODWHVW UHDGHU VXUYH\ DUH LQ .RUHDQ mar­tial arts are prac­ticed by 63 per­cent of our read­er­ship, Chi­nese arts by 7 per­cent, Ja­panese arts by 7 per­cent and “other” by 23 per­cent. Women make up 11 per­cent of our com­mu­nity, and youth make up 24 per­cent. • ,QWHUQDWLRQDOO\ UDQNHG IRUPV DQG ÀJKWLQJ FRPSHWLWRU 5RJHU Greene stars in a new ad cam­paign for uni­forms. Read more DERXW KLP LQ WKLV LVVXH·V )LJKW%RRN FROXPQ

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