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BLACK BELT: If, for some rea­son, a doc­tor said you could no longer prac­tice your cur­rent mar­tial art, could you be happy do­ing a dif­fer­ent art? What would it be? Chad Tower: Sure, why not? My goal is to age as well as pos­si­ble and be func­tional as long as pos­si­ble. If switch­ing arts is what is needed, then so be it. Ethan Naylor: If I couldn’t prac­tice tang soo do, my al­ter­na­tive art would ei­ther be yang- style or wu- style tai chi chuan or ki gong in­ter­nal mar­tial arts, along with get­ting the body back in shape us­ing chi or ki. Aloy­sius Stophe­les: I was deeply in love with aikido and re­ally good at it. But I had a chronic wrist in­jury prior to aikido, and if you are fa­mil­iar with aikido, you know that wrist locks are a large part of the prac­tice. That was in 1995. I have been do­ing tai chi since. I love tai chi, but I re­ally miss aikido. Ar­ley Lange: Ac­tu­ally, af­ter tear­ing up my knee in taek­wondo, I was hes­i­tant to ever go back to taek­wondo. I don’t feel like my knees are steady enough for jump kicks. But I couldn’t stay away from the mat, so I switched to ju­jitsu. There’s no jump­ing, so it’s so much nicer for my knees. Chris Krueger: I would switch to drunken style. Not the kung fu, just the drink­ing part.

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