On the Virtues of the Plank

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Meghan O’Con­nell: For the �irst time since I started read­ing him at the turn of the mil­len­nium, I dis­agree with some­thing Mark Hat­maker said. It’s in “3 Things to Avoid as You Seek to Be­come a Fit­ter Fighter” in the June/July 2017 is­sue. I do see planks as use­ful! For one thing, they pro­vide un­der­ly­ing iso­met­ric strength for more dy­namic core de­mands, sim­i­lar to a boxer need­ing aer­o­bic-level road­work un­der­neath the anaer­o­bic de­mands of punch �lur­ries. Also, planks give you an op­por­tu­nity to �ind a good “home” po­si­tion for your spine once it’s chal­lenged by move­ment. Fi­nally, they de­velop mus­cle strength while the core is not in �lex­ion, so they can coun­ter­act a lot of time spent do­ing desk work or tex­ting, say, when we’re not ac­tu­ally train­ing. what­sy­ourstrength.com

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