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Ex­e­cute a medium-power round­house to hohn soo, and the im­me­di­ate ef­fect will be dis­ori­en­ta­tion, Suh noted. “The neck will im­me­di­ately stiffen up. The at­tacker won’t be able to move his head well. He’ll also most likely fall down. If you use more power, mo­men­tary un­con­scious­ness — or worse — can re­sult.”

Any dis­cus­sion of the round­house kick should in­clude men­tion of two al­ter­na­tive tar­gets that can be struck, Suh said. “The tem­ple, which is also a pres­sure point, is a great place to land a round­house that uses the ball of the foot. Hit­ting it with the right amount of power will knock down the op­po­nent. Us­ing more than that risks death.

“The jaw is also good be­cause it’s very weak. It can be se­verely dam­aged even by some­one who doesn’t know mar­tial arts, so you must ex­er­cise care. You don’t want to send the per­son to the hospi­tal; you want to take him out of the �ight so you can es­cape.”

Us­ing the ball of his foot in­stead of the arch, ninthde­gree black-belt Sung Jin Suh takes ad­van­tage of the round­house kick’s im­proved pen­e­tra­tion to strike a pres­sure point on the side of his op­po­nent’s neck.

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