20/20 AR­MOR

Black Belt - - GEAR -

Called the Recre­ational Elec­tronic Ch­est­guard, this new prod­uct will seem like a no-brainer, espe­cially for the video-game gen­er­a­tion. It com­bines a ch­est pro­tec­tor with an elec­tronic scor­ing sys­tem that can com­mu­ni­cate with your op­po­nent’s unit. LED lights in­di­cate when a tech­nique scores; the stronger the hit, the more lights you’ll see. Dif­fer­ent-color lights in­di­cate how much “life” you have left. Young mar­tial artists will love spar­ring with one of these on — espe­cially in the five one-per­son and five twop­er­son game modes. 2020ARMOR.COM

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