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BLACK BELT: How has your view of the mar­tial arts evolved over the years?

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Lisa Strykowski Belfiore: My view hasn’t re­ally changed, but my fo­cus has. I’m much more in­ter­ested in the art and dis­ci­pline part of it now, and pre­fer learn­ing the bunkai of kata more than spar­ring. Gene H. Gause: Kick, punch, throw, spar is NOT mar­tial arts, merely tools. Real mar­tial arts is about em­pow­er­ment and de­vel­op­ment of hu­man po­ten­tial.

Randy Her­nan­dez: I learned fight­ing mul­ti­ple at­tack­ers is a more tac­ti­cal ap­proach than the flashy Bruce Lee movies and more like Chuck Nor­ris. Re­spect other styles and learn from them — that works for me. Self-con­trol is more im­por­tant with the wannabes out there. Seth Micheal Os­mera: It’s changed in the sense that it’s not just about fight­ing or self-de­fense, it truly is meant to make you a bet­ter ver­sion of your­self.

John Guidera: Don’t know if I’m hum­bled by age, but I don’t feel I have to prove any­thing to any­one any­more. I’m en­joy­ing get­ting ev­ery­thing I missed as a kid. I have found har­mony within mind, body and spirit. I don’t love fight­ing as much as I have learned to love karate in its en­tirety. Tony King: That the only way to truly know if an art works is to test it your­self. A tech­nique that can work for some­one else may not work for you. The true art is in the prac­ti­tioner, not the other way around.

James Wolf Arseno: For most of my life, I’ve looked for pure ef­fi­ciency and what re­ally works in a real fight. Right now, I’m look­ing for what works to soothe my soul and make me grow as a per­son. Robert Kerr: As I get older, it’s less about the mar­tial and more about the art. Dave Gid­dings: I now re­alise that, well, ev­ery­one wants to be a ninja.

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