ONGUARD STUN KNIFE $129 cen­tu­ry­mar­ on-guard-stun-knifesg­googhvbk

Black Belt - - ESSENTIAL GEAR -

*XDUG 'RJ 6HFXULW\·V 2Q*XDUG 6WXQ .QLIH com­bines two of the most pop­u­lar self­de­fense weapons — the stun gun and the knife — into one. ft re­sem­bles a real knife, but the real threat is the shock it de­liv­ers. The un­sharp­ened “blade” area is wrapped with stun­ning nodes that ac­ti­vate when a but­ton QHDU WKH WKXPE DUHD LV SUHVVHG %XLOW LQ EDWWHULHV DUH UHFKDUJHDEOH IURP D 86% SRUW

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