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All wiring, ca­bles and plumb­ing in a boat should be chafe­pro­tected where they pass through an open­ing in a bulk­head or other struc­ture. That means they should be care­fully fed through sup­port­ive chases and loomed to­gether with other ca­bles and wires to pre­vent ex­ces­sive wear from the con­stant mo­tion and G-force they ex­pe­ri­ence in boats. Also, the hole or cutout through which they pass should be fit­ted with a grom­met. One way to rec­tify the sit­u­a­tion shown would be to se­cure the spi­ral wrap tightly against the con­nec­tor with a tie wrap, and then use a clip or hold down to se­cure the wires and pre­vent them from mov­ing back and forth over the edge. The way it is draped over this tran­som gus­set, this con­trol cable wouldn’t last 25 hours in real-world boat­ing time.

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