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Dura­bil­ity, a snug but com­fort­able fit, and glare-stop­ping po­lar­iza­tion make the Serengeti brand so de­manded. The sanded-gray frames are non­re­flec­tive and hand­some. They hug the face, and rub­ber-tem­ple in­serts in­crease the fric­tion with­out adding to the ten­sion. Nose pads are sturdy and com­fort­able, and to­gether, all these pro­vide a con­fi­dent fit for any sport, in­clud­ing boat­ing and fish­ing. The eight­base op­ti­cally cor­rect lenses fight eye fa­tigue, un­like lesser lenses. Eye cov­er­age is com­plete, ban­ning glare from be­hind, and they of­fer a wider view­ing an­gle of marine elec­tron­ics and phones than do other po­lar­ized lenses. Po­lar Blue PhD or the Po­lar PhD Driv­ers are the ideal lens shades for boaters. Po­lar PhD Se­dona would be great in lower light. $169 —

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