Don’t spray Permethrin on your skin. Spray it on your clothes. One bot­tle is de­signed to sat­u­rate a pair of pants, a shirt and socks with a bug-re­pel­lent com­pound that’s proven over decades to re­pel in­sects. Dampen the clothes with the spray and then seal them in a clear bag or other con­tainer to warm and dry in the sun, lock­ing in the re­pel­lent fac­tor. Permethrin is a syn­thetic chem­i­cal that acts like extracts from chrysan­the­mums and is so suc­cess­ful, cloth­ing com­pa­nies like ExOf­fi­cio use it on some ap­parel.

TIPS: If you are go­ing into heavy in­sect coun­try, by all means treat at least one set of clothes with this chem­i­cal and keep it on you. This is es­pe­cially true of tick and chig­ger coun­try.

RE­SULTS: It worked. In­sects stayed away when wear­ing just a ban­danna treated with the stuff. In for­ays into tick coun­try, not a sin­gle crea­ture found a hold.

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