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Dear Boat Doc, do some marine bat­ter­ies rate higher than oth­ers? I’ve been happy with In­ter­state so far, but I’ve dis­cov­ered that I can save about $30 on a Du­ra­cell or DieHard se­ries 24m for my ’toon with a trolling mo­tor.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Bob Davis Via email

A:Hi Mr. Davis. The specs for the bat­tery-crank­ing amps, amp-hours, etc. are one mea­sure used to com­pare bat­ter­ies. An­other is the phys­i­cal in­ter­nal con­struc­tion. Boats have no shock ab­sorbers, and bat­ter­ies are sub­ject to dam­age and short­ened life due to break­ing up in­ter­nally due to pound­ing. Bat­tery-mak­ers usu­ally de­scribe the struc­ture of their bat­ter­ies on their web­sites.

You’ve men­tioned the price — also com­pare the warranty poli­cies of the brands you are con­sid­er­ing.

Fi­nally, what about ser­vice? Is one brand rep­re­sented by a re­tailer who will be glad to help you, ac­cept a re­turn, or take your old bat­tery in trade?

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