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The photo above shows a pair of drink hold­ers, or cup hold­ers, mounted at the helm of a high-end cen­ter con­sole boat. Shot from in­side the con­sole, we can see the drink hold­ers are fit­ted with barbed drain fit­tings in­tended to mate to a hose. But be­cause no hose is in­stalled, rain and wash wa­ter — not to men­tion spilled drinks — will drip into the con­sole and onto equip­ment, gear and wiring within. Ideally, a length of hose would have been clamped on to carry this wa­ter ei­ther di­rectly to the bilge or out through a fit­ting in the side of the con­sole, where it could drain onto the self-bail­ing cock­pit sole. Be sure to check the drainage of drink hold­ers — and rod hold­ers, flag­pole hold­ers and other fit­tings — when shop­ping for a boat. Lit­tle drips can cre­ate a big mess and cor­ro­sion.

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