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Hi Mick. I’m a first-time writer but a long­time reader. I have re­moved my four AGM bat­ter­ies from the boat and placed them in my base­ment. How do I prop­erly care for them over the win­ter? If the an­swer is some sort of charg­ing, please ad­vise what prod­uct(s) you would rec­om­mend. Thanks.

Dick But­trick Cataumet, Mas­sachusetts


Hi Dick. Bat­ter­ies should be stored fully charged. I like to charge them, then re­move the charger and check the bat­ter­ies monthly. If they have dis­charged sig­nif­i­cantly, I will then recharge them. AGM bat­ter­ies self-dis­charge at a much slower rate than stan­dard flood­ed­cell bat­ter­ies. Still, if you can­not mon­i­tor the bat­ter­ies monthly, I sug­gest us­ing a float charger, of­ten called a trickle charger or bat­tery main­tainer. A float charge is a small con­trolled amount of cur­rent. In all cases, you want to check the bat­tery-maker’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions with re­spect to max­i­mum am­per­age and volt­age ranges. Then se­lect and use a charger that meets those re­quire­ments.

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