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Dear Doc, when I walk around the ma­rina, I no­tice that a lot of spot­lights in the boats are fac­ing aft in­stead of ahead. Is there a rea­son for this? Do the lights have a de­fault po­si­tion? It seems to me that if the light was turned on be­fore be­ing ro­tated for­ward, they would blind the skip­per and take away his night vi­sion.

Bill Simms Char­lotte, South Carolina

A: Many cap­tains will run with the light ro­tated to face aft when not in use to pre­vent the lens from get­ting coated with salt (although it of­ten does any­way), di­min­ish­ing the out­put from the spot­light when it is turned on.

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