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Q: I think the fuel in my boat’s fuel tank has turned sour over the win­ter. The en­gine starts but doesn’t run right or for long, and the fuel fil­ter shows some goop in it. What can I add to the fuel to re­store it?

Steve Hess Ar­monk, New York

A: There is no ad­di­tive that can re­store bad gaso­line. From your de­scrip­tion, it sounds like the fuel in your boat’s tank has un­der­gone what is some­times called “phase sep­a­ra­tion.” This is not an uncommon oc­cur­rence thanks to the use of ethanol as an ex­ten­der in gaso­line. I rec­om­mend you con­tact an en­vi­ron­men­tal ser­vices com­pany to dis­pose of the bad gas re­spon­si­bly. Be sure to drain the boat en­gine’s fuel sys­tem. Re­place all fil­ters, then re­fill with fresh fuel.

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