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Dear Boat Doc, I have been boat­ing since the age of

14. I’ve al­ways driven stern­drive boats, with a few out­boards thrown in along the way. A cou­ple of sum­mers ago, I bought a Yamaha twin jet-drive boat for the rea­sons most peo­ple buy jet boats: no out­drive main­te­nance, shal­low wa­ter clear­ance, etc. I was aware of the neg­a­tives of this type of boat, mostly dif­fi­culty in slow-speed ma­neu­ver­ing. What I did not ex­pect was the dif­fi­culty in us­ing the throt­tles. The twin throt­tles are ex­tremely hard to move for­ward or back­ward, forc­ing me to move in large in­cre­ments un­less I punch the throt­tles gently to get small in­cre­ments in speed. While I have got­ten used to this, it makes it hard to hand over the wheel to my kids, or any­one else. I am won­der­ing if this is nor­mal, or if there is an ad­just­ment that can be made or a lu­bri­ca­tion point that I am not aware of. Mario Bien­v­enue

Colum­bus, Ohio


Hi Mario. They are just like any other ca­ble con­trol. There is a throt­tle fric­tion ad­just­ment on the back of the throt­tle-lever hous­ing, ac­cessed by pop­ping out a rub­ber plug. Try ad­just­ing these screws and see what hap­pens, not­ing the po­si­tion of the screw be­fore you be­gin. You might also dis­con­nect the ca­bles from the jet end — at the thrust de­flec­tors — and move the levers and see what hap­pens. That way, you will be able to tell if it is the throt­tle ca­ble or the shift ca­ble (aka con­trol ca­ble, which moves the de­flec­tor).

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