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I used Pet­tit EZ Tex Marine Epoxy Re­pair Com­pound to fill screw holes in the tran­som of a boat to which a new trans­ducer was be­ing in­stalled. I needed a tough, wa­ter­tight fix.

My method­ol­ogy for ef­fect­ing such a re­pair in­cludes drilling the ex­ist­ing hole out to four times the di­am­e­ter needed. After the epoxy cures, I drill for the new fas­tener and re­in­stall what­ever it is that needs fas­ten­ing. In this case, I drilled out the two No. 10 screw holes us­ing a half-inch bit and filled them us­ing Pet­tit EZ Tex. EZ Tex is a two-part prod­uct that is easy to mix be­cause it blends at a 1-to-1 ra­tio of epoxy to hard­ener. Other prod­ucts mix at 3-to-1 or 5-to-1, and so are tough to mix ac­cu­rately by the eye­ball method in the field and may fail as a re­sult.

EZ Tex also cures without shrink­ing, mean­ing I only had to fill the holes once and scrape off the ex­cess be­fore cure, as op­posed to mul­ti­ple fill­ings and time spent flat­ten­ing an over­filled re­pair prior to re­fas­ten­ing. EZ Tex is white and paintable, and can be used with fiber­glass, me­tal or wood. It cures in 24 hours at 50 de­grees and is said to cure in five hours at 70 de­grees and 3.5 hours at 90 de­grees.

The owner re­ports no leaks from the trans­ducer that he and I in­stalled. $26.99 (4 ounces); west­ma­

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