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Insert the sup­plied 5/16-inch stain­less-steel bolts into the cleats and mount on both sides of the pre­assem­bled slide. De­ter­mine if the cleats need to be in­stalled in the mid­dle or top of the slide (based on the ver­ti­cal dis­tance of the rub rail to the top of the coam­ing). Se­cure with the sup­plied lock­nut. At­tach a dock line to one of the cleats. Lift the slide assem­bly to the top of the track and slide it on. Tie the line to the park­ing cleat to hold the slide in place. In­stall the sup­plied 1/2-by-1-inch stop bolt in the top track hole and se­cure it with the lock washer and nut.

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