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BOMB Magazine - - CONTENTS - Kimiko Hahn Kimiko Hahn is the au­thor of nine col­lec­tions, most re­cently Toxic Flora and Brain Fever, both prompted by rar­i­fied fields of science. She teaches in the MFA Pro­gram in Cre­ative Writ­ing & Literary Trans­la­tion at Queens Col­lege, CUNY.

Plate 4 The Lost Jockey

He holds a lan­tern at the end of her drive­way. I wouldn’t say lost so much as con­demned and dis­ori­ented. Noth­ing I love lives here long. Any longer. At one time—acorns would knock on the roof, the screen door squeak-slam, a ket­tle whis­tle in the kitchen. Then the taste of mold. He knows as fact, I easily hurt.

Plate 18 An End to Con­tem­pla­tion

Linoleum. Pink bear named Pinky. Radishes. An empty milk car­ton by the sink is full of cof­fee grounds and eggshells. By the stove, pine. Cat turds. Cat turds by the phone. I close the kitchen door so I can phone. It’s 1970. It took me four days to hitch­hike from Sag­i­naw— Mother’s pur­ple ki­mono from her mother. Blue linoleum. I hit my sis­ter.

Plate 47 The Ac­ro­bat’s Ideas

Tights and gloves leave an im­pres­sive im­pres­sion. But against clouds, snow, or skir­mish—?

Plate 33 The Fin­ery of the Storm

In the hur­ri­cane, we heard a crack, looked out, and saw her slow crash. That wil­low was dead meat since he’d ex­cised and burned the heart, a wasp nest! (How fine their fury!) The stump re­sem­bles a stupa. Stu­por.

Plate 70 The An­nun­ci­a­tion

Just as my nieces drown their doll­house ba­bies in the doll­house tub, so I would im­ages: her dry eraser in his of­fice.

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