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1. The Pro­tag­o­nist

Is the cen­ter of a storm of light Yes. What else? I held still for the next part Heard noth­ing Moved what I had The pro­tag­o­nist Came to a halt Cen­tered there

“Like” Had to find my way past

the ex­pected Move­ment In there, doubt (no)— not The dark wood the mid­dle of.... Not Win­ter al­most night­fall or “a se­ries Of self- can­cel­ing evanes­cences” “The pro­tag­o­nist”

Stopped there— The voice or the faith in the voice Tres­pass All I know an il­lu­mi­nated Si­lence...— and in the cen­ter of that...

(Aban­doned dropped off)

2. Term

Do not use the word in the same They call They use this term Not con­cerned with ma­te­ri­als “That clause is mean­ing­less” “mean­ing­less lan­guage” a laugh par­ti­cles found in the at­mos­phere that word means some­thing else

on earth “here on earth” “no com­plete an­swer”

wanted back maybe into the mixed phase be­fore pre­cip


although they may freeze as they make con­tact with it

when I use the word (when I am by the word

die by)

“I meant”

Strug­gles with an in­side- out um­brella Black rag amid the bro­ken ribs flag Of civ­i­liza­tion it­self? Black over­coat

Black bowler hat caught ex­as­per­ated Flour­ish­ing this com­pletely use­less


Power lines thick with frozen sleet ex­ag­ger­ated swoop branches of the bud­ding li­lac bent to al­most break­ing un­der a load of white

a late wet snow­fall I


in­tri­cate im­pli­cate

the dense im­bri­ca­tion of snow-laden branches a vis­ual im­pres­sion (“from my win­dow”): the kitchen at dawn love’s not at all aus­tere but lonely and

of­fi­cious not a view I would miss at all I wrote

weighted with im­pres­sions feel­ings “to al­most break­ing” nonethe­less

3. “How do I feel”?

Think­ing How do I feel Or think­ing I should write “How do I feel” write this And then look­ing at the words Mea­sure of dis­tance The page went dark The words on the page Imag­in­ing I’d write the words

Down and leave it there Ad­dress How do I or be­gan from some far off Place Lie down and tell me how you Yes Dis­trust­ful pa­tient No sign on the page of the strug­gle The in­ner sud­denly The words made no sense

4. “Your wit­ness”

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