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A con­di­tional archive or A score for the past and fu­ture of LIV­ING ROOM IN­DEX AND POOL

MA­TE­RI­ALS di­men­sional lum­ber mi­cro­phone visi­tors / guests 5 2 1 2 11 2 1 3 3 1 2 5 2 1 2 11 Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha shirts, pants, shoes, pon­cho lap­tops (two) time, mem­ory, tech­nique ply­wood, paint, foam, steel, glue MAIN­TE­NANCE vac­uum the floor fold the clothes pile the stacks re-paint the rocks scat­ter the nails RECORD four anony­mous self­ies nine times with­out ap­plause / two times with “it was like you were never here” sneaker scuffs on the white plat­form bro­ken chair car­pet folds, tears, and fades



GLASS / CHROME AC­TION brick fits in one hand, cin­derblock gripped by one, car­ried by two lay­ing down sod, lay­ing down car­pet, lay­ing down ply­wood, lay­ing down folded knee al­lows the leg to lift, steps onto (shag) car­pet hands to face, step-touch, voice throw SITES theater (stage) liv­ing room (stage) FRAMES con­struc­tion, do­mes­tic, par­adise kitchen, base­ment, pool field, ruin, fan­tasy sur­faces, meant to stay clean ma­te­ri­als, laid out in grids AC­TION cov­ers, Ni­jin­sky folds, un­folds, wash FIELD set and re­set BOD­IES public and pri­vate (not so far apart) post­mod­ern and celebrity di­men­sional (lum­ber) dig­i­tal (at home) ma­te­rial, tem­po­rary PILES rub­ble, rock, as­phalt, foam dirty clothes, also clean OB­JECTS an­tic­i­pate the body OB­JECTS chairs, beams, sticks, planks, tubes, slabs, ta­ble tops, fences, wedges, mats, car­pets, cab­i­nets, han­dles, I- beams, speak­ers, stereo, lights, re­cessed light­ing, col­umns, ver­ti­cal col­umns, benches, ramps, the pool, shelves RULES frag­ments make a (w)hole frag­ments are placed, not fas­tened to­gether ECHOES ja­panese gar­dens, ikea show­rooms, sam­ple apart­ments, rental units, con­do­mini­ums, gal­leries, mazes, ru­ins NOTES rooms, lines, rem­nants

Lau­ren Bakst makes per­for­mances. Yuri Masnyj works in draw­ing and sculp­ture.

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