Fall faux pas cov­ered up by warmer coat

Heavy coats will cover up celebs’ fol­lies ]

Boston Herald - - THE EDGE - By IVANA MAR­TINI — imar­tini@boston­her­ald.com

don’t know about you, morsels, but we’re hav­ing se­ri­ous “Game of Thrones” with­drawal at Chez Mar­tini, and its be­ing out of the running for Emmy awards tonight isn’t help­ing. There are the bi­weekly cos­play ses­sions, of course, and I remain hope­ful that shout­ing “dracarys!” at my bearded dragons will toast the marsh­mal­lows even­tu­ally, but we want more. That’s where Manolo, my beloved Pom, comes in. Manolo will be my mole on set when the cast shoots the fi­nal sea­son, giv­ing me all the in­side dirt. He’ll be dis­guised as part of Jon Snow’s fur cape. “What if I get smacked in a sword fight?” he squeaked. “Then play it for all it’s worth,” I said. There’s got to be an Emmy cat­e­gory for Best Puffy Tuft, Drama. Speak­ing of win­ners, there weren’t any in this week’s red-car­pet and run­way stake­out. Let me cheer up this Blue Dragon, and I’ll file my re­port:



What­ever doc­tor ban­daged Diane Kruger was in a fes­tive mood, but a lit­tle slap­dash. Get well soon.


Sab­rina Carpenter dear, that's not what they meant by `make a blan­ket state­ment.'


Of all the head-of-let­tuce night­gowns, Rachel McA­dams has the nicest. A lit­tle wilted, though.

SMOK­ING Q Shan­ina Shaik be­lieves in dress­ing for the weather. Here, she's fog at night.

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