Boston Herald - - NEWS - Golden re­triev­ers Bon­nie and Tara take a break from treats and de­light­ing guests to spend time with owner Philipp Knuepfer at the Man­darin Ori­en­tal Bos­ton.

The Man­darin Ori­en­tal Bos­ton ap­par­ently of­fers an amenity that just might make it top dog amongst the Hub’s five-star lodg­ing: In the lobby, you’ll find two golden re­triev­ers who are al­ways game for cud­dles and play­ing.

Gen­eral man­ager of the luxe ho­tel, Philipp Knuepfer, brought his two, furry cud­dle-muffins, Bon­nie and Tara, when he came aboard in May.

“I meet, through them, so many guests be­cause peo­ple are of course more in­ter­ested in the dogs than in me,” Knuepfer told the Track.

“Kids es­pe­cially love them,” he said. “They will come down and cud­dle with them. Be­cause they are golden re­triev­ers, they are filled with end­less love. Look at them, they are just so cute.”

Knuepfer’s best friends, who can usu­ally be found anx­iously await­ing hu­man pats by his desk, are both res­cue dogs he adopted when he lived in the OG Ori­ent.

“They have been with me since I was at the Man­darin in Sin­ga­pore back in 2008,” he said. “Both of them were abused and I think that’s why they are so at­tached to peo­ple.

“They came into the lobby with me be­cause when I came here, the lobby is harsh. There is a lot of mar­ble, lot of wood, and I thought we needed some per­son­al­ity. So that’s Bon­nie and Tara’s job.”

Guests are of­ten amped to see th­ese fluffy ves­sels of hap­pi­ness — they vol­un­teer to walk them and am­bush them to take pic­tures with their phones. In some ex­treme cases, Knuepfer said there’ve even been peo­ple who make a pil­grim­age to the Man­darin solely to meet the wag­ging won­ders.

A group of vis­i­tors re­cently swung by the ho­tel lobby for a quick dog visit. “They brought treats for them, and they didn’t even stay with us,” he laughed.

If you hap­pen to be in the neigh­bor­hood by to­tal co­in­ci­dence — and not be­cause you schlepped your­self 15 blocks look­ing for some puppy love — be sure to come to the Man­darin bear­ing treats.

As with most golden re­triev­ers, Bon­nie and Tara’s undy­ing af­fec­tion can be bought with food. Just ask the folks man­ning the concierge desk, where the re­triev­ing rays of sun­shine run when­ever they want a bis­cuit.

“They know that the dog cook­ies are there,” Knuepfer said. “We keep train­ing them that we don’t feed them be­cause gold­ens are so adapted to food. But for the first cou­ple of months, they saw Jen (the concierge), and Jen means food, so they would im­me­di­ately launch to­ward her.”

For­get the Free­dom Trail. Chill­ing with Tara and Bon­nie is our en­tire Bos­ton bucket list.



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