Re­fus­ing to give up after fail­ure of ACA re­peal

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Tommy Bin­ion of the Her­itage Foun­da­tion joined Bos­ton Herald Ra­dio’s “Morn­ing Meet­ing” pro­gram yes­ter­day to talk about the GOP’s tax plan and lat­est failed ef­fort to re­peal and re­place the Af­ford­able Care Act.

Q: Tell me if I’m wrong: I feel three de­feats (on the re­peal and re­place­ment of Oba­macare) looks worse than two de­feats and just not do­ing it again, not try­ing for this one dead­line.

A: From a po­lit­i­cal stand­point, that’s three bad weeks, it’s three bad news cy­cles.

The po­lit­i­cal con­sul­tants would prob­a­bly tell you not to do that, but as an Amer­i­can who wants to see Oba­macare re­pealed I’m glad they tried, I’m glad they’re still try­ing.

I don’t think they ought to ever give up, and it’s OK with me if the Amer­i­can peo­ple know which three sen­a­tors to blame for the fact that Oba­macare hasn’t been re­pealed yet. And I look at this, the an­nounce­ment on Tues­day that they wouldn’t be pur­su­ing Gra­ham-Cas­sidy be­fore to­day’s dead­line. I say, “OK.”

What I hope is hap­pen­ing is that be­hind the scenes they ac­tu­ally never gave up, they’re work­ing con­stantly to get­ting 51 (votes), when­ever that is, past the dead­line, a whole year from now.

When­ever that is, if they have 51, I hope that they go right away. And it may take the spot­light be­ing off of the vote-count­ing and the con­stant chang­ing of the draft of the health care bill; it may take that spot­light off of it to ac­tu­ally get to 51. So that’s what I hope is go­ing on.

Q: Am I right or wrong that this time around it wasn’t (Senate Ma­jor­ity Leader Mitch) McCon­nell’s im­pe­tus. This was a Gra­ham and Cas­sidy sit­u­a­tion, right?

A: What it looks like to me hap­pened was sen­a­tors Gra­ham and Cas­sidy got pretty close.

I think that they had been work­ing on this pro­posal, it sur­faced back in the sum­mer, they had been work­ing this and then when the re­peal ef­fort failed many Repub­li­can sen­a­tors told them pri­vately they’d be in­ter­ested in this.

And when they were able to show such strong sup­port they were able to bring it to the lead­er­ship and the pres­i­dent ... at this point in this cy­cle Oba­macare and tax re­form are the two big achieve­ments that are left on the ta­ble ... and tax re­form is go­ing swim­mingly.

There ap­pears to be a lot of unity on this tax-re­form frame­work that the pres­i­dent and con­gres­sional lead­ers put out to­gether yes­ter­day.

But the pres­i­dent, for his part, is hav­ing the Democrats over ... there’s a pos­si­bil­ity that Democrats, a few, get on board with this.

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