D.C. pols and ‘trea­son’

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Pres­i­dent Trump im­plied that Democrats in Congress had com­mit­ted “trea­son” be­cause they failed to clap enough for his State of the Union speech (“Trump’s bi­par­ti­san pitch long gone; now he’s talk­ing trea­son,” Feb. 6). Frankly, what’s more like trea­son is the GOP’s tax plan cou­pled with U.S. trade poli­cies.

When Ron­ald Rea­gan be­came pres­i­dent, the tax rate on the rich was 70 per­cent. Rea­gan and Congress then cut taxes on the rich. Since then, the U.S. has al­most con­sis­tently had high deficits and record bor­row­ing.

Ex­plain to me how this record bor­row­ing by the Repub­li­cans and Democrats is not “trea­son”?

For his part, Trump, like Rea­gan has cut taxes on the rich — and the U.S. bud­get deficit is soar­ing.

Mean­while, Amer­ica’s trade poli­cies have en­riched China and run up big trade deficits.

It seems most con­sumer goods are made in China, while the man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs have gone over there. And now China owns bil­lions in U.S. debt.

We have met the en­emy ... and the en­emy is the Repub­li­can and Demo­crat ma­chines.

— Jan­ice Amato, May­nard

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