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It’s no se­cret that En­ergy Star ap­pli­ances can help re­duce your en­ergy bills. Here’s how you can ben­e­fit the most from th­ese en­er­gy­ef­fi­ciency all-stars. Check out re­gional in­cen­tives for pur­chas­ing En­ergy Star ap­pli­ances by typ­ing your ZIP code into En­ergy Star’s re­bate lo­ca­tor (en­er­gys­tar. gov) and se­lect­ing the ap­pli­ances you’re in­ter­ested in.

Don’t plug in an old re­frig­er­a­tor else­where in your home; it will still drain as much en­ergy from the base­ment as the kitchen. Take it off the grid com­pletely by re­cy­cling it.

En­ergy ef­fi­ciency also can equate to sav­ing time. High-ef­fi­ciency wash­ing ma­chines can spin your clothes almost twice as fast as con­ven­tional wash­ers, sav­ing time in the dryer be­cause the clothes are al­ready less moist from the more ag­gres­sive spin cy­cle.

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