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No need to show up in a de­signer’s of­fice with a file folder bulging with clip­pings, sketches and pho­tos any­more. With Pin­ter­est, you can pe­ruse thou­sands of pho­tos and save them to your boards, then share those boards with your de­signer. “Pin­ter­est is a web­site scrap­book that clients can give our de­sign­ers to show ex­actly what they’re look­ing for in terms of fix­tures, fin­ishes and col­ors,” says Mathew Ster­chi of Stone Mill Log and Tim­ber Homes. To use the site, you’ll first need to set up an ac­count. To get your feet wet, try cre­at­ing a board called “Great Room.” Now, type “great room” into the search field at the top left of your home Pin­ter­est page. Soon enough, you’ll be hap­pily scrolling through photo after photo of great rooms. If you see one that catches your eye, click on it and then click the “Pin it” but­ton. You’ll be asked which board you’d like to pin the photo to. Choose your “Great Room” board and re­peat— again and again. Now try cre­at­ing more boards for dif­fer­ent ar­eas: kitchens, bed­rooms, ex­te­rior pho­tos, porches, decks, dé­cor and more. Search “cabin floor plan” and you’ll dis­cover hun­dreds of de­sign ideas. As you pin, no­tice that you can write a de­scrip­tion) de­scrip­tion on (or each change photo. the Take cur­rent spe­cific notes here to help your de­signer down the line. “I ask that clients take the time to fill in the com­ments about what it is they liked about the im­age,” Wray says, “then I am not thrown off track if I think they like a cer­tain fire­place de­sign, and in ac­tu­al­ity, they liked the chan­de­lier in the photo.” If you have a name of a log home company or ar­chi­tect whose work in­spires you, try typ­ing that name into the search field, search­ing by ei­ther “pins” or “pin­ners.” You’ll find more pho­tos of that firm or company’s pre­vi­ous work and maybe come across the company or de­signer’s own Pin­ter­est page.

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