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im­ber-framed or post-and-beam cab­ins fea­ture an in­te­rior frame­work that sup­ports the struc­ture and is left vis­i­ble on the inside of the home. The fram­ing al­lows for cathe­dral ceil­ings and open floor plans. In post-and-beam con­struc­tion, the ver­ti­cal posts and hor­i­zon­tal beams are in­ter­locked with metal fas­ten­ers. Tim­ber fram­ing is a spe­cific, cen­turies-old con­struc­tion style that uses solid wood tim­bers that are joined to­gether with­out nails or metal fas­ten­ers. A tim­ber home can be given any ex­te­rior fin­ish: log sid­ing, brick, wood shin­gles or stone, to name a few.

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