The Old Switcheroo

Dual-duty fur­ni­ture works twice as hard.

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f you plan to build or fur­nish a small cabin or home, fur­ni­ture that serves more than one pur­pose can help you save space and money. When choos­ing this kind of fur­ni­ture for your cabin give each piece care­ful thought. Will you ac­tu­ally use it in both of its forms, or will its “gee whiz” ap­peal be lost when you re­al­ize it doesn’t re­ally serve ei­ther pur­pose very well?

Presto Change-O

Way­fair com­bines four clas­sic board games—backgam­mon, check­ers, chess and Chi­nese check­ers— into a fold-out sidetable. Draw­ers of­fer space to store game pieces, too. The sofa bed is one piece of multi-func­tional fur­ni­ture we’re all familiar with. While they may be more com­fort­able for sit­ting than sleep­ing, th­ese couches do come in handy when guests ar­rive. Fur­ni­ture mak­ers ap­ply the same think­ing to a va­ri­ety of pieces, hop­ing to de­sign ver­sa­tile fur­nish­ings that can of­fer dual func­tions, mak­ing them dou­bly valu­able when space is tight.

A num­ber of ex­am­ples are of­fered here, but with a bit of search­ing you can track down many oth­ers. There are cof­fee ta­bles that split into side ta­bles or stools. Book­shelves un­stack to be­come side ta­bles. When look­ing on­line, try key­words like “small space so­lu­tions” or “dual duty fur­ni­ture.” If you’re search­ing for smaller-scale pieces, browse for “apart­ment size fur­ni­ture.” The con­cept of the Mur­phy bed, which folds down

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