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them­selves. They think that they can do any­thing. They are said to have a big ego. It is good to have con­fi­dence in your abil­ity to do things, but there is a limit to your ta­lent. And you need to re­al­ize that.

Self es­teem can be good if it is in the right bal­ance. If you have ta­lent, peo­ple will know it. You do not have to go around preach­ing it to them. Too much self es­teem makes you look silly. Peo­ple do not like to be around some­one that is al­ways telling oth­ers how good they are.

For the Chris­tian, the con­fi­dence is in the Lord Je­sus Christ and His abil­i­ties. Christ can do things through you, if you let Him be in con­trol. God gave you tal­ents, and you then choose how to use them. But you must re­mem­ber to give God the credit.

God will give you faith. That faith can grow as you ex­er­cise your spir­i­tual mus­cles. Peo­ple with great faith have learned to trust God more and more. Your faith in peo­ple can grow as you get to know them. That faith can shrink as some peo­ple let you down and dis­ap­point you. The amount of faith you have is seen in your ac­tions more than in your words.

Do you have faith in God’s Word, the Bi­ble? Study it to­day. That will give you more faith.

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