TOBI Says, Enoch walked with God

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Ev­ery­body knows about Moses and Noah. They were men from the Bible that did great things for God. Most peo­ple could tell you many things about their life and the things that they did.

The Bible tells about many other peo­ple that, through the years, were used by God to ac­com­plish im­por­tant jobs. The Bible does not say much about what Enoch did. There are only a cou­ple of verses that men­tion his name. But it does say that he walked with God. What does that mean? To­day you would say that he had a good tes­ti­mony. Ev­ery­body would de­scribe him as a good Chris­tian man. Enoch would be a man that you could trust. He would be one that you would ex­pect to do the right thing even when no one else was around. We call that hav­ing in­tegrity.

You know peo­ple like that. They are not the peo­ple that ev­ery­body no­tices. They do not do things to get at­ten­tion. They just live the Chris­tian life each day.

Who do you know like that? You may have to think about that for awhile. Look around to­day and see if you can name some peo­ple who live their life like that. You want to use those peo­ple as role mod­els for your life.

They are not per­fect, but they want to serve God and they want to be an ex­am­ple to show oth­ers about Jesus. Your ac­tions come first. Your words mean more when the ac­tions are right. Walk with God to­day.

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