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Many of us believe that this func­tion should be­long to the gov­ern­ment of the United States and be un­der the con­trol of the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment.

Lob­by­ists and special in­ter­est in­flu­encers are not a part of our gov­ern­ment and have no author­ity to make de­ci­sions. In my opin­ion, any per­son who is try­ing to in­flu­ence a gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tive about his or her vote should be a bonafide home of­fice em­ployee of the busi­ness that he rep­re­sents. No for­mer mem­ber of Congress should act as an agent and be­come a lob­by­ist to try to in­flu­ence his for­mer friends. If agents are al­lowed, no one per­son should rep­re­sent more than one com­pany as a rep­re­sen­ta­tive to in­flu­ence leg­is­la­tion. Ev­ery mem­ber of Congress should look at ev­ery is­sue as an in­de­pen­dent agent and make his or her de­ci­sion on how to vote based on what is best for all of the coun­try re­gard­less of the pres­sure from lob­by­ists or his po­lit­i­cal party.

No mem­ber of Congress has the right to crit­i­cize the Pres­i­dent for creat­ing a deficit. The Con­sti­tu­tion gives the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives the sole re­spon­si­bil­ity for creat­ing and ap­prov­ing ap­pro­pri­a­tions and taxes. The Pres­i­dent only makes sug­ges­tions and we in the public have noth­ing to say about it. Not one mem­ber of the 546 mem­bers of the gov­ern­ment will take re­spon­si­bil­ity for any prob­lem or deficit that ex­ists in the gov­ern­ment, but to­gether they can solve ev­ery prob­lem that we have. The Congress can do any­thing it wishes to do. If the Pres­i­dent uses his veto, the Congress can over­ride it. If the Congress has a su­per re­tire­ment plan that is bet­ter than any re­tire­ment plan that is avail­able to other Amer­i­can cit­i­zens it is be­cause that is the way they want it to be. If the tax code has loop­holes that ben­e­fits cer­tain groups of cor­po­ra­tions or peo­ple, the 546 can

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